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Week 7 - RTFC Vs Inter Me Bed
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RTFC - 6 Vs Inter Me Bed - 13

For the 4th time in a row Romford Town crashed valiantly to another defeat.  A night of abysmal football and superb football endured as the 9 o clock kick off on pitch 8 began.
Things started well for the Towners as they marked opposition players well and came forward with purpose.  Towners first attack coming close with another of those Honzarelly boomers just wide of the post.  It didn't take long for the Towners to follow up though as Jones was once again in posession.  Dribbling round the Inter defence, Jones opened up enough space to have a shot with deadly accuracy into the far corner.  The first goal was in and Inter Me Bed were making mistakes.
Inter tried to play a fast one touch game from the off but they were too tight at the beginning of the game, Towner players able to stick a foot in the way and come forward to counter attack. Inter were at the top of Division 3 for a reason and showed us why by pulling off clever one-two's and shooting with power and accuracy to bring things level. 
More Inter attacks came forward and newly loaned signing Elliot Monteith did well to save with his feet from another Inter Me Bed attack.  As the Towners try to reply, mistakes by Murrell lost posession and allowed Inter to counter.  Benny Brace did well to steam into tackles, more than once coming out with the ball still at his feet.  Once again Jones came forward on the counter and punished again to restore a Romford Town lead. 

Aragon tried his best up front but without Gandalf on the wing it was useless.

With the score in Romford Towns favour and both teams hungry for the win it was Inter that took advantage at this point.  Inter players seemed to move secretly around the pitch and pop out out of nowhere to send a rocket flying in.  More Inter play peeled away defenders and shot well in a flurry of goals.
As the half time whistle went the score was looking a little one-sided = Inter - 8, Romford Town - 2.  Implementation of a new 'line' formation which seemed to leave 3 RT players lined up at the back and one running around at the front haden't been paying off as well as expected.  But it was given another chance as another change to the squad was made.  EMK came out on pitch to replace an injured Honz, and the subs swapped around with knackered players. 
After the second half kicked off, Romford Towns defending was the best it had ever been this season.  They even pulled a goal back in the form of DMK pouncing with that impressive footwork again.  The defecit was closing and there was hope for the Towners.  Benny Brace intercepted again and again and came forward with more attacks.  Roger Westwood flew down the wings with inspired runs into space and effectively passed inside to either DMK or Murrell.  Monteith used his skill once again to find himself with a little space for the shot.  DMK shaped up and let it loose as he brought one back for the Towners but the damage was already done.

As the second half drew on McGhee found space for long range boomers on occasion but was unable to claim any goals from them.  McGhee's defensive help could not be ignored though as he threw himself in front of shots and attacks.
It wasn't long before the curse of fitness came into play as in every match with the Towners.  Suddenly Inter seemed to have more space and were taking advantage of it.  The Honz doing excellently regardless of his ankle injury to parry away to best of efforts. 
Elliot hung back in defence and crunched any opposition players coming forward with Benny and McGhee in close contention.  It was DMK though who was to come forward again to repel Inter attacks as he took on more players and scored another two time with some lovely goals. 

Maybe one day, one Romford Towner player will be bestowed with the RED CARD. One day.

Even Murrell was found with all the space in the world, one-on-one with the keeper only to boom straight at the keepers feet.  Absoloutly rubbish but then who was to know that moments later he was to redeem himself.  A quick pass up to a goal-hanging Murrell found him in front of the Inter goal, back facing it and a defender on his way to crunch Murrell to the ground.  Some silky foot work with the right peg found Murrell positioned well to unleash a teasing left-footed shot into the far corner.  OH REF!
Player Ratings
DMK - A superb nights work last night to score the hatrick and be the only player with the ability to come forward with silky footwork in Honz's departure from the pitch.  A nice passing display aswell as some good tackling made this Dans night.
EMK - His bro helped out the Towners on a night when every other 'loyal' fan of the Towners were watching a dismal England 'play' again.  Some nice little saves in goal in the first half and was unlucky not to score in the second, hitting the post for the ball to teasingly roll along the line and back into play.
Chris Jones - The Honz did fantastic on pitch before the injury with two well-taken goals and had a lovely game in goal in the second half.  Did well in every respect and played his little heart out bless im.
Roger Westwood - Another good game for the Hulk, even if he was slapped on the arse by a 'don't-know-how-close-you-got-to-being-knocked-out' Inter player.  Did well with his passing and some good tackling which he usually won if he went for.
John McGhee - Another good game for McGhee, helping Benny control the defence with authority.  Had a few good shots but their keeper was usually up to in when tested all night anyway.  Some good, crunching tackles last night.
Benny Brace - Teamed up well with John McGhee to try and keep things quiet down our end of the pitch, and was a main player of our 15 minute second half super-defence.  Had a bit of a dribble every now and again which is always lovely to see.
Rickee Murrell - Not the best game in the world but the goal made up for any bad running, mis-kicks and bad passing.  I'm sorry but I've never scored with my left over there before.