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Week 10 - RTFC Vs San Miguel
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RTFC - 13 Vs San Miguel - 4

After the party to end all parties nearly ended the life of one Rickee Murrell it was time for grave reflection on a lifestyle that was nowhere near healthy.  A cocktail binge of drink, drugs and beautiful woman left Murrell finally waking up on the floor of his frontroom at 5pm the next day.  It was time to show that soberness was a viable possibilty.
As Romford Town walked out onto superpitch 9 last night, only 6 men strong, they had no idea of what was to come.  The last encounter with these bottom of the league bandits left Romford Town embarrassed to a draw thanks to a bad decision late on in the game which gave away a penalty and allowed San Miguel to bring it all square.
Last night was about revenge.

There are many forms of revenge.....but this isn't one of them

With the Towners playing superstar ringers Tynan, Hammond and Stu Leonard things could only go one way for the Towners on a night of insane retribution.  McGhee moved into goal and Dogs and Murrell went to their usual positions. 
Things started tight, Romford Town unable to make an immediate impact but with persistance the first goal came.  Murrell's diet of no fags seemed to be paying off as he ran into position and finished well as he slipped one past a flailing keeper.  San Miguel replied though, using speed and one-touch accuracy on the break to create their first.  Again they came forward though, after more tight play, both teams seemingly unable to break down the opposition.  San Miguel took the lead and were looking good enough to take it further. 
But Murrell again!! Oh ref!!!  Picking the ball up in the middle of the field, blasted a placed boomer into the far corner, the keeper dived but was no match for the speed and power of Rickee Murrell. 
With a little help from his friends Murrell was scoring but it was time for Hammond and Tynan to live up to expectation as they teamed up well for Hammond to blast a first-time shot which curled slightly as it flew into the top right hand corner of the goal.  A fitting end to a lovely move. 
Without warning though John McGhee was happily doing his bit at the back.  Shouting well and pulling off some wicked saves to keep the scoreline in the Towners favour.  Some of the best rolling out the Towners hve seen was also on display from an on form McGhee.
Roger Dogs was also on to perform as he came forward on countless occasions to tease the rest of his team-mates with some excellent running and positioning, coming almost too close with his shooting aswell. 
The Wideboy Lenny Leeson had been doing his bit at the back to fend off what was some fast, difficult to repel attacks from San Miguel.  He went forward though and boom, stuck one away in spectacular fashion set-up by playmaker Roger Dogs.  Another excellent move capped off with an excellent finish.

It was Steve Hammond who was to show us the next highlight of the game before the end of the first half as he went on a mazy run in which he took on a San Miguel player only to be fouled by someone that ended up coming off more injured, literally.  Because he had to come off.  Anyway, some geezer who was wearing trousers and a stripy top came on for him but he was crap aswell. 

Apparently, this IS about revenge

Finally the second half came and it was 4-2 to the good.  The Towners had been playing well and more of the same would no doubt secure victory.  At half time the San Miguels changed keeper but it seemed to have a detrimental effect on the game.
As the second half started San Miguel realised that they needed someone guarding their goal that had goalkeeping experience.  So off came their best outfield player to go in goal. After this, the game looked a little one-sided.  It was time for the talent to be displayed.
Time after time, the magnificent Lenny came forward to attack and extend his account for the Towners, but it was not be.  Everytime he came forward, the keeper did well to save.  It was frustrating to watch but the stand-in keeper was equal to everything that left Lens foot. 
So it was over to likes of Tynan, Murrell and Hammond to make a mockery of a team that were actually a bit of a challenge in the first half.  One particular stunner was a Robert Tynan boomer that came flying from the middle of the field and nestled sweetly into the far corner beyond the stranded keeper.  In the end, San Miguel seemed to just give up and the game was for there for the taking.  Tynan, Murrell and the Hammond all finished with 4-a-piece and a win for the team that every week never fails to 'bring it'.

Player Ratings
Rickee Murrell - Me?  The 13th duke of wimblem?  Here?  Getting man of the match?  After a season of dismal goalscoring tallies for someone thats supposed to be a forward it's finally nice to get a hatrick and then some. 
Robert Tynan - A lovely debut game for the man they've dubbed 'Rooney'.  Controlled things up front well from the off and was very effective from midfield.  Linked up well with most players on the field and score 4 lovely goals.  Thanks for Wednesday fella.
John McGhee - A brilliant keeping performance for McGhee although he didn't have much to deal with in the 2nd half.  When he was called upon though, he was usually up to it with some terrific acrobatic saves.  Rolling out was superb as was his comunication.
Steve Hammond - Another fine performance for a man that always delivers.  4 stunning goals and a repitore of fine passing and forward running work all over the pitch.  Has a large one.
Roger Westwood - A stunning performance from the dogs with some super running but his passing was the one that really stood out on the night.  Must have claimed multiple assists and came close several times himself.  Can be very proud of a good nights work for the towners.
Stuart Leonard - The cruncher as always kept order at the back throughout the game with a fine performance for his sister club.  Came close on several occasions but still managed to stick one on the counter for the club.