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Week 12 - RTFC Vs Mouldy Old Dough

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RTFC - 7 Vs Mouldy Old Dough - 2

Another fantastical night of wonder-football started again for Romford Town as they ran out onto another water-drenched sandpit for week twelves Division 3 meet. Light rain endured before the game as the Towners trained but thankfully let up just before the refs whistle commenced the game.

As always the game started tight but Romford Town were looking for their 3rd victory in a row and it didn't take them long to break out the sexy football. Hammond, as always, was at the centre of it as he dribbled those tell-tale rings around Mould Old Dough defenders before slipping his and Romford Towns first past a frozen keeper.

More of the same resulted With Hammonds second just moments later as the Towners were showing their worth against a team surprised to see how far the Towners had come in just their second season. DMK was battling hard in midfield to dispossess Mould Old Dough players and join up with Rickee Murrell to pass around with all the skill of the old Man U.

The Romford Town trophy's finally arrived and what a sight they were!!

With the one they call the Crane returning to the line-up for Romford Town things were kept in check by the man himself.  Mouldy attacks came forward but couldn't penetrate an on form keeper that had it all going on.  A defence to organise, balls to roll out and "motion" to scream at appropriate moments as the Towners hero on the night acrobatically dived and saved in what can only be described as an act of pure determination for a team he felt he had a lot to make up to.
That man McGhee had his part too, though, as he crunched in defence but came forward to lay off dab-hand passes to the likes of Hammond and DMK for the good of the Town.  The first half remained steady as the advantage stayed with the Towners thanks to another two goals added by Hammond again.  First of all, claiming the hatrick in style then beginning a run for a second hatrick to claim Romford Towns fourth. 
After finally conceding two in their first half Romford Town met the half-time whistle optimistically.  As the last two weeks had taught them, more of the same would do the trick for the Towners and didn't Hammond know it.  So did McGhee, and some of the others.  Yeah.
The second half started predictably with much of the same from Romford Town, but from the off Mouldy Old Dough were testing Crane a little bit more.  Unable to break him though, Romford Town were on the attack to reply and it didn't take long for that man Hammond to get on the scoreboard again (if there was a scoreboard).  More super play by Roger Westwood, usually initiating sting attacks from the Towners as they swanned forward to put Mouldy Old Dough under pressure.

For the second game in a row, Roger dogs had his own personal contribution to make to the game once again as he came forward for another steaming attack with the towners, good movement, excellent teamplay and a wonderful finish left Romford Town fans and players ecstatic as they realised that Roger Westwood had scored again!  Such an incedent seemed to overshadow a tremendous night of super-football from the lads but the performance of the usually absent Crane had had too much of an effect on the game.
As Mouldy Old Dough attacked with skill, speed and precision, Craney spead himself at every save and screamed at his defenders to mark-up on every available opportunity.  With the Crane on form and the Towners superstar Roger Westwood in scoring mode things were enevitable as things came to close when Hammond added another goal to his already impressive tally of goals to complete his second hatrick of the game.
With the whistle finally gone and the (mostly incompetent) referee calling an end to the game, manager Rickee Murrell had this to say, "I'll get you next time number 9, next time."

Little did he know, but Hammonds hair had kicked off a craze in the hedgehog world

Player Ratings
Paul Crane - The man returns and what a return!  A super night in goal for the Crane, managing to go the whole second half without conceding but throughout the whole game playing out of his skin for a club that have missed him so, can be very proud.
Roger Westwood - Dogs came good again for the 2nd match in a row for the Towners with that super 2nd half strike.  No-one can forget his hard work up and down the wings as he tackles and passes off on a seemingly neverending rotation of superb football.
John McGhee - Had a good game in defence and midfield working well with DMK and Hammond to outplay Mouldy Old Dough.  His undeniable crunching skills, as always, kept the Towners up to speed on the old scoreline stakes.
Stu Pac - Had a good game in defence with McGhee but came forward to shoot and was close on a few occasions, at one point troubling the keeper from range to send him diving across.  One of his best performances for the Towners on a night where his efforts for such a team can be described only as Macadelic.
DMK - Played an integral part to the Towners overall performance as he made important runs, tackles and passes to make sure he had a good part in the contribution pie.  Shame he didn't get on the scoresheet but his time will come soon, I feel a DMK hatrick coming on.
Stevie Hammond - Oh ref, what a player.  Continues to make a mockery of any defence in this league with the skills that make him the player that he is today.  Scored some nice goals and impressed that lady of his on the sidelines with his afformentioned sexy football.
Rickee Murrell - Your shit Murrell, score some goals dickhead.