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Only 3 definate players!!! - 01-04-04
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Team began but with only 3 definate players!!!

     Revelations this week surrounding new Goals 5-a-side outfit 'Romford Town FC' have left players and fans alike confused and irritable.
     It was uncovered that the team has only 3 definate players while it awaits the results of medical examinations, potential players to come back from holiday and others who have not yet returned contact to manager Rickee Murrell or Chief Councel Chris Jones.


     In a recent press release, Rickee Murrell had this to say, "Me and Jones had this idea of getting the highly successful Unicorn Unix back with the original players, onto the footballing scene once again. After discussing kit, tournament and expansion plans me and Jones decided on a team with as many originals as possible. Obviously 'The Honz' and myself are definate players and thank Roger Westwood for his immediate and definate answer to include himself in the team. Paul 'The Cat' Crane was asked to participate and is currently awaiting a first game with newly named 'Romford Town FC' to test out his dodgy knees, but no plans have been made for him to stick around until the results of a medical following that first game. Stevey Hammond has also been contacted with a non-dedicated answer of 'maybe'. We await a final answer from him. Stu Whitaker has shown the potential of a late arrival to the club as he has declared himself available when he returns from Uni at the end of May." With other potentials such as DMK, Bazza, Mangan, Readey, Tynan, Skins and Tommy D's, the club is still unable to say they can provide a starting team.

     Current plans under discussion at the club include a full subsidised kit for each player, a regular Wednesday night slot in a league at Goals aswell as Tournament and cup competition involvement.

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