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Week 3 - RTFC Vs San Miguel
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RTFC - 5 Vs San Miguel - 2

Match 3 in Romford Town’s efforts for top of the league status continued along a line of successful victories as an intricate passing display and speedy one-touch power-play resulted in a fine win for the local 5-a-side outfit.


With Romford Town initially going a goal down, things looked bleak as they gave away the lead for the first time this season.  Thankfully the San Miguel lead didn’t last too long as Romford target man Stevie Hammond was able to break down the opposing defence and score with penash.  

Undeniably an absolute leg.

The tight game was worrying at some moments as a team that finished bottom of the league last season never gave up in their pursuit of the win.  Steadfast defence and tackling created a barrier, which was difficult for Romford Town to break down.  Starlet Roger Westwood wasn’t having none of it though as he fought fire with fire.  Crunching into unbelievable tackles and always coming out with the ball, ‘dogs’ was on top form as he passed off to other Towner players then ran forward to join the attack and create options. 


It was the Honz and his win-wanting temperament that helped steer him towards feats of excellence as he defended with trademark crunches into opposition players, hoping to leave some dead or at the very least requiring specialist medical attention. 


The pre-game bullshit of the lazy goals ref meant that for the first 15 minutes both teams were playing in red kits making it difficult to separate the two and be completely sure that passes were made to the players on the same team.  Still, Romford Town are the absolute fucking greatest so what do we care?   Either way, one of the San Miguel subs went to reception and got themselves some lovely blue tops which meant they were playing in the opposite colour of red so they had to be killed.  Apparently.


The Crane returned to the fray this week and ‘brought game’ to his performance with a flurry of excellent trademark saves.  There were moments when Cranes concentration lapsed; one incident saw Rickee Murrell in the right back position pass across the front of goal to the waiting Stu Pac but the ball never made it.  A San Miguel interception resulted in the pass and Crane could do nothing about it.  Cranes mistake.  Not Murrells.


The flow of the game continued seamlessly into the second half, as the game remained tight and testing for the Towners.  The game required the best of the boys, DMK using his skills once again to find himself in space enough to shoot after receiving a fine pass from hunky player Rickee Murrell. 

Murrell again, found himself at the centre of the action as he teamed up with Stevie Hammond as they came forward in an exemplary Towners attack.  A fine positional run from Steve Hammond gave Murrell the vision to send the pass through the tight defence and Hammond to apply the finish with the one-touch. 


In John McGhee’s despairing absence the Towners gangsta Stu Pac took the reigns of defensive duties for Romford Town.  Staying at the back left him with space when the Towners attacks move in towards the San Miguel goal.  With a sturdy defence it was hard to completely break down San Miguel and so Stu was a used option for the pass on more than one occasion.  Those right foot boomers have been known to clear entire stadium but this week Stu was unlucky not to take at least one goal from the game. 
The final score marked a good night for the Towners as they continued their successful run of the season and achieved high morale to take into their 4th game against Mouldy Old Dough.

Straight out of Compton

Player Ratings


Roger Westwood – A deserved MOTM this week for Rog and all without scoring any goals.  The young man didn’t need to this week as his committed tackling and excellent passing enabled Romford Town restore possession and get the upper hand on many an occasion.


Chris Jones – The captain gave another compelling game to the Towners and helped steer them to victory with his silky skills and intelligent play.  His ability to go steaming in to hassle opposition players without out-right failing them is a constant remind of Jones quality.


Stevie Hammond – A four-goal performance tonight with another top trump performance from the king of the goal.  Made a superb partnership with Roger Dogs tonight and really showed what a high value of  player he is to club.


DMK – Nice performance tonight and made his presence felt when it counted.  Made a few more tackles than usual and scored a nice goal.  Good night for DMK.


The Crane – A good return between the sticks for the Crane, managing to let only two past him in a game when he was well tested at times.  Some fair rolling out and verbal work helped in the proceedings too.


Stu Pac – Excellent shepherding of the defence this week, with some nice shots added into the bargain as well.  Left a few San Miguel players on their arses this week which is always nice to see as Pac finds his aggressive side more regularly in his games.


Murrell – Great.