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RTFC Vs Edmunsons
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RTFC - 10 Vs Edmunsons - 9

A new season, a new start and a win are all things that have been a long time coming for Romford Town.  The towners were men down for the start of the season but star ringers made the trip to Dagenham way to boost the numbers and provide some much needed organisation and crunch tackles from the off.  The likes of Lenny and Samir were on hand to provide their expertise in a game against Edmundsons to kick off the season for Romford Town.
Samir's prominent knowledge of the game and presence provided the Towners with some much needed influence with the absence of Towner captain Chris Jones.  Organising the back well and always ready to dish out some verbal reminders of bad play, Samir kept the Towners ready for more with the right attitude.
Lenny's defensive presence was felt throughout with his no-nonsense approach to killing opposition players in posession.  The Lenny takedown is always a welcome attribute when the Towners are falling short of the required seven players.
The game started well with Edmunsons kicking off, ready to play a paced game with players that take their game seriously.  It was heavy play from the off, Stu Pac on top form with his crunch play and interceptions, passing off to the runners when the opportunities came. 

Towner regular Roger Dogs was on top form when he came forward to slot the first goal of the new season deep into the Edmundsons net.  A fine passing display coulminated in the well-taken control that Rog managed to muscle from somewhere and then finish clinically with a side-footed curler into the bottom left hand corner.  The quality goal was a fitting tribute to everything Romford Town had worked for.
It wasn't long before Towner goal-machine Stevey Hammond joined Rog on the scoresheet as several accurate power-shots slipped passed the half-decent keeper as the Towners took the lead.  The game remained tight when Edmundsons were allowed to equalise.  As the game continued, Edmundsons made it hard work for Romford to score and always kept the game within their reach.
At the half-time whistle the Towners were two goals down and had it all to play for.

The second half started badly for the Towners, loss of posession allowed Edmundsons to play on the break and finish past the ever-improving qualities of Mikey Fermin.  The towners kept their heads high though and played to try and regain the advantage, any goals only coming after much hard work and determination. 
Towners hardman Stu Pac was well up for a ruck and so when her received hassle from one of the Edmundson players, his retaliation after losing posession to the offending player, was to define the quote 'kicking him up in the air'.  The leg of Stu went smashing into the Edmundson man only for his legs to leave the ground and come back with a crash.  The altercation afterwards saw the Pac having a bit of verbal with the nonce, resluting in both players walking away and continuing with the game.
The game continued and things were tighter than ever towards the end.  Edmundsons had retaken the lead and with about 6 minutes to go the Towners had to turn on the style.  But then, they got the break they were hoping for.

Their player at the back had spent the game organising his team but also taking away Towner legs at any given opportunity.  Finally, he got his cumuppence when the ref called him over to issue a 2.5 minute sin bin and yellow card. 
The Towners took the advantage and managed to bring the game square by bagging two goals with the limited time left to play.  The game clock counted down and the Edmundson player returned to the field, the Towners defended well as the game went to the wire.  In the final minute none other than Stu Pac boomed one from the left of the field.  It took a wicked deflection but sneaked past the keeper and gifted the Towners the win.
Player Ratings
Mike Fermin - Played his best game yet for the Towners with an excellent keeping display.  Getting down low was no obstacle for Mike on the night so well done to him!
Stuart Leonard - Played a quality game for the Towners, crunching away throughout, topped it all off with a well-taken goal aswell.
Samir - Never kept quiet which helped the Towners through a difficult game, had some unlucky shots but played an excellent passing game too.
Roger Dogs - Dogs scored!!!  Played an excellent game with an excellent passing and tackling display, some fine interceptions helped the Towners snag the win.
Stu Pac - Quality show from the big man, had a few near misses but can take credit for the goal at the end.  A good night for Stu who can look forward to meeting with Edmundsons next time round and getting stuck in.
Stevey Hammond - A fine contribution of 6 dazzling goals and a lovely arse.  Called his name on some fine passing and assists too.
Rickee Murrell - Scored once.  Sexy.