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24/05/05 - One game down, 13 to go!
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Towners fall into place for second game of season...

Towners frontman Rickee Murrell expressed relief this week after announcing a full team will be fielded against old rivals, the Rejects.
Ready to grab the first win of the season will be player-manager Murrell, Assistant gaffer, Chris Jones, back from another weeks healing for his ongoing leg injury, the ever fabulous skills and shots of Roger Dogs, the anticipated return of striker Stevey Hammond, back from another weeks healing himself and his formerly broken ankle.  Jimmy White also returns to goals, looking almost like a permanent replacement for long time injured and now playing cricket Stu Pac.  John McGhee ducks out for this game with work but the likes of DMK returns to Goals for his first game of the season, missing last weeks to go down the pub, no doubt to down a few Murrells, chat up some Hammonds and get Montieth-Knighted.  As ever, the magnificence of Mike Fermin in between the Towner sticks begins as part of a solid line up, loking to take their first victory of the season.
Rejects have began their campaign recording a loss but this may be a lie just like the position that the Towners find themselves in, recording a win after last week when we actually lost.  Either way, the Towners have a distinct history with the Rejects, playing in seperate leagues last season but before that the games were always physical, just ready to boil over into a huge 10 man ruck!

Hammond will appear in the next game in a much anticipated return

In other news, Goals have gladly delayed the additional fee they require for admin at the beginning of the season until Wednesday 1st June 2005.  On this week all main players will be expected to pay 3 onto of their game fee.  If you're not expecting to play on that date then please hand it over before hand.  The fee will be required from;
Hopefully, all should be fit next week though so the fee can be fully paid on the night.
And finally, Towners keeper has been keen on dishing out some swards for last season, although it will be quite difficult as the site wasn't updated regularly last season.  If you have any ideas for awards or anything send them to or goto the grossly underused Romford Town forum to discuss it below.