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Week 4 - RTFC Vs Rejects
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RTFC - 3 Vs Rejects - 6

Proud players walked away from this fixture even though the result wasn't in their favour.  It was a game that could've gone either way, it just seems that fitness was a main factor that left us unable to take the win. 
An entertaining game that was friendly enough for the players was viewed by a record crowd of Romford Town fans on Wednesday, with die hards Mike Reade and Rob Tynan in attendance aswell as the RTFC players. 
As always the game started off slow with tight play and no goals in the first 10 minutes.  Mangan came close to opening the scoring when he found himself through and bearing down on the keeper only to have his shot saved.  Thankfully he found himself in the same situation moments later but his first shot was saved, only for it to rebound back so he could bury it with the second shot.
The game wore on and RT's fitness wore out.  The rejects found themselves able to punish but the match was closer to the Towns grasp than the score suggests.  Late in the first half, the towners found themselves with a penalty.  Usual goalie Mangan stepped up with a David Batty determination to place the ball on the spot and prepare to stick it away.  Unfortunately the similarities to Batty didn't stop there as Mangan stuck it wide as he mis-kicked it to the left side of the post. 
Mangan wasn't the only one making mistakes that night as Paul 'The Cat' Crane was back in between the sticks.  After a flurry of super-saves, that one can only come to expect from the Crane, one Rejects shot literally slipped through the hands of the usually reliable cat.  Almost straight at him, the shot spun away from the hands of the Crane to filter into the net. 
Thankfully it wasn't all doom and gloom as Rickee 'The Gaffer' Murrell found himself in space a couple of times to unleash two supergoals into the opposition net.  Almost making his second hatrick with some lovely link play with Romford Town captain Chris 'The Honz' Jones, Murrell was unable to penatrate the keeper a third time during the game.

Record attendance at the Goals complex for Romford Town again

Top Goalscorers
Name                  Scored tonight           Total 
Rickee Murrell                2                          5
Stevie Hammond             0                          4
Chris Jones                      0                         4
Paul Clifford                    0                          2
John McGhee                  0                          1
Paul Mangan                   1                          1
DMK                              0                          1

Another point of note was the much anticipated arrival of Romford Town signing Stu Whittaker.  Although good to see him back, the debut wasn't all it was hyped up to be with Stu's inability to stick to any Reject players that were attacking the goal. 

Having trouble sticking to your man? Wrap a load of this shit round yourselves!

Apart from that some of the old Stu skill was there but against such a fit and continuously moving side, it was difficult for anyone to man-mark too closely.
To conclude, RT should be proud as we haven't had any results that have really demoralised the players because they were beaton so badly.  RT should be proud because we're still the team that has had the best result so far against division leaders Real Not Madrid.  Finally RT should be proud because we're the absoloute dogs bollocks.
Player Ratings
Roger Westwood - Came close again a couple of times but was unlucky not to score as the opposition keeper did well to keep him off the scoresheet.  Another top effort from Rog this week.
Stu Pac - A little quiet I think and the disadvantage of not having any previous weeks of fitness-improving matches didn't help.  Still showed us some old Stu skill and a couple of long range boomers that could've caused trouble on another day.
Paul Mangan - Nice performance for his first one out on pitch, has some neat skills and fast feet, just a shame about the penalty.  Apart from that a nice, little performance and a well-taken rebound to put him on the scoresheet.
Chris Jones - Very quiet this week compared to solid performances in other matches, but again the other team were fast and fit.  More long-rangers from Jones that didn't miss by much and some sturdy passing still leaves Jones a top player for the club.
Paul Crane - Good to see him between the stick and good to hear those massive knee-pads did the trick.  Not enough motion this week though but a fine performance except for the slight hic-up that gve away another goal.  An excellent moment of the match for Crane when he sent himself kamakazeeing across his goal to save a shot with his back!  Good stuff.
Ben Brace - Another fine performance at the back, with strength shining through.  Ben gave them the most trouble when they were coming forward but also joined the attack on occasion.  Well done again mate.
Rickee Murrell - Man of the Match by a landslide vote!  Two quality goals pushed the edge on that decision.  Top goalscorer too, watch out Premiership!!!